chic ways to decorate your home

There are many ways to decorate your home, but my personal favorite will always be chic. I love chic decor because it offers infinite possibilities. For example theres shabby chic, rustic chic, contemporary chic, boho chic, I could go on lol but I think you get the point. When decorating keep in mind that pastels and dark colors are the key. With my chic designs I like to start with a dark piece of furniture and add lighter accents, or lighter colored furniture and darker accents. Lastly adding a great piece of lighting to the room will make the room stand out immensely, whether its a chandelier, wall lamp, floor lamp, or table lamp, you do not want to skip out on a good piece of lighting. 

Earlier in this post i mentioned that there are different kinds of chic, which leads me to my next post. My next post will be all about the different varieties of chic designs so subscribe to get updated and be notified when of my new posts. 

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